Problems with Bottled Water


Bottled Water

Girl Drinking Water from Bottle — Water Filtration System in Pelham, AL
Bottled water just doesn't match up the hype. Not only is the cost outrageous, but do you know from where your "Natural Spring Water" is really coming? Although bottled water falls under the authority of the FDA, about 70% of bottled water does not go across state lines. This makes it exempt from the FDA. Another major issue with bottled water is the large amount of plastic bottles that are thrown away.


Tap Water

Washing Vegetables with Tap Water — Water Filtration System in Pelham, AL
Tap water does have its issues too. Although regulated by the EPA and the FDA, there can still be several problems. They cannot regulate the water all the way into people's homes. As the water makes its way from the pipes into your home, lead can be added through corrison in the pipes. This is especially harmful for young children and pregnant mothers. Another point of concern is that of chlorine. Chlorine is added to kill biological water contaminants; however, chlorine is also a cause of bladder cancer, rectal cancer, asthma, and now, breast cancer.

33% of Gastro Intestinal Illnesses can be traced back to tainted water.